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The gaming industry may make billions of dollars every single year, but this does not mean that avid players need to fork over large amounts of cash to enjoy some of the best games in the world. The internet now provides players of all types with games ranging from massive multiplayer games to exciting puzzles and team games. For those that would like to take their gaming to the next level, here is a closer look at 10 of the best free online games that everyone should try out today.

1. Super Mario Brothers Crossover
The original series of Mario Brothers forever changed the world of gaming when released with the Nintendo gaming system. Not only have these games continue to set records for sales with almost every release, they have also defined gamers for over 20 years. With this new adaptation, both younger and older fans will be able to once again join in this fanciful world, but this time it is with a twist. While players can choose Mario or Luigi to play with, they can also choose from a number of other iconic video game characters including Samus, Mega Man, and Link. As an added bonus, each character carries their iconic weapons and their own theme songs will play in the background throughout each Super Mario level.

2. FreeCiv
Civilization I and II were some of the most popular strategy games to have ever been released and changed the popular genre forever. As an alternative to these paid games, players can now opt for FreeCiv, a free online strategy game with a large following. With this game, players will develop their own civilization including the military, religion, finances, crops, and much more. There are a number of AI difficulties to choose from and the hardest settings will keep even the most avid gamers on their toes. There is also room for replayability by choosing new starting civilizations and locations to make the game more challenging as time goes on. What the game lacks in graphics, it makes up for in complexity and difficulty that will keep players coming back time and time again.

3. Monster Den
For RPG fans, Monster Den remains one of the most popular online games and it has absolutely no download or subscription costs. Much like the paid alternatives, users create a party of up to four players with various classes. Each class comes with their own unique abilities and stats making the game enjoyable to play time and time again. In addition to customized stats to start the game, users can also explore a number of skill trees as they progress through dungeons. For those that enjoy orchestrated quests, this game offers single player and multiplayer options to earn new items, develop skills, and immerse themselves in a unique world. As an added bonus, this game requires exceptionally low specifications to run, and this means that players can enjoy it on almost all desktops, laptops, and tablet PCs.

4. The Eternal City
While the MUD genre of games has been on a slow decline in recent years, few games have the depth and complexity of The Eternal City. As a script-based game, players create a completely customizable character in a unique world based off of ancient Rome. While there are minor elements of fantasy, players can carry out the day-to-day lives in any way that they would like. This game offers a number of guilds and organizations to join and players can watch as the skills and life of their characters progress in a roleplay mandatory game. What truly sets The Eternal City Apart from all other MUD RPGs is the intricate skill system for both combat and non-combat maneuvers. Players have a nearly unlimited option of how to develop their character from the moment that they log onto the game with skilltrees including weapons, shields, healing, locksmithing, thieving, tailoring, and much more.

5. Continuity
Advanced graphics and in-depth plot development does not always result in a better game, and Continuity is a testament to that notion. This flash game is extremely simplistic and takes only moments to understand the controls and the objectives of the game. Players maneuver a small red dot through a series of mazes and puzzles in an adaptive environment. Most game enthusiasts would classify this game as part puzzle and part side-scroller, but it offers much more to players of all ages. With exciting music that changes with each new challenge, users will often find themselves enjoying this game for hours on end.

6. Portal: Flash Version
Portal was a revolutionary console game that added a number of exciting new elements that had never been seen before. Players maneuvered their character through various levels with a unique contraption that would create portals through walls, the floor, local objects, and even the ceiling. These portals are used to maneuver throughout the game as an action-adventure puzzle. The flash version of this game is nearly identical to the console game in terms of objectives and the portal-creating machinery. The only change is the move from a 3D world to a 2D world, but most fans will still enjoy the complexity of the game engine.

7. Paradise Paintball
First-person shooters have always been one of the most popular genres since the inception of video games, but they can also be exceptionally graphic and violent. Paradise Paintball offers a fun alternative to the gore of many of these FPSs in a fast-paced paintball tournament. Thousands of players login to this game every single day to battle one another through buildings, in jungles, along beaches, and in a number of other unique settings. There are also options for customizing the paintball guns and the character’s gear. This game is extremely competitive while still remaining appropriate for gamers of almost every age.

8. OGame
For players that are looking for a long-term strategy game, few options are as well-produced and complex as OGame. This is another text-based game, but it also comes with a beautiful interface and a number of exciting pictures that add to the excitement and depth of the fictional universe. Every player begins with their own planet on which they must create a civilization. After harvesting resources, researching technology, and promoting growth within their own planet, players can then become competitive against people from around the world. This includes factions and armies that can band with one another to wage war, promote peace, or trade with one another.

9. Auditorium
Very few games haves the ability to completely defy genres, but Auditorium remains one of the most unique online games of its age. At its core, this game is a puzzle in which the player attempts to direct waves of various colors through boxes. While this is in no way unique, the music, colors, and manner in which the user has control over the game is completely original. As players move through various boxes and fill them with particles, components of the music will change and adapt. The more boxes that are filled, the more comprehensive the music becomes in order to make the game as in-depth as possible.

10. Desktop TD Pro
From the studios of Casual Collective, this game is exceptionally easy to play, but could require years to master. The setting of the game is the top of a desk including paperwork, money, and other office supplies. A small barrier has been created with one more exits that “creeps” will attempt to make their way to. The player can lay any number of traps and attack towers to stop this breach and each kill adds points to the player’s roster. Points can then be used to create more towers or upgrade existing towers. The enemies will also increase in skill with their own unique abilities, movement speed, and more. Another key feature of this flash game is the ability to enjoy Desktop TD Pro on any device that is compatible with Flash.



There are many different online games that people can play in their spare time for some fun. I’m going to write about ten online games of various genres that are fun for everyone to play. These game choices are my own opinions, but I have considered games of various genres that many different types of gamers would enjoy. Without further ado, here is the number ten online game of the top ten list.


RuneScape is an MMO strategy adventure game in which players are able to join forces together in quests and other feats. Players get to choose what character class they would like to play as when starting the game. Players enter the world of Gielinor which is an ever-evolving and growing world full of cities, various races and clans.

There are different areas of the world such as forests, deserts and fields, snow terrains, dungeons and more. Throughout these different areas, players will encounter a variety of enemies and characters as well as other items, spells and more.

There are also many different skills that the player can build up like agility, strength, combat skills and more. A variety of personalities are also capable of being dawned by players. Each personality is dependent on how the player plays in the game.

Many other aspects of this game include merchant stores where players can buy items, weapons, upgrade weapons, buy spells and much more. Many different world events are accessible to the player depending on their specific gameplay goals when playing RuneScape.

Super Mario Brothers Crossover

Coming in at number nine is Super Mario Brothers Crossover. This game is a unique online game that merges characters from 8-bit NES classics into one Super Mario Bros Game. The game has Samus from Metroid, Link from Legend of Zelda, MegaMan, Bill R. from Contra and Simon from Castlevania. Many other characters are also available as well. The game allows players to choose from one of these characters to play through the game levels.

The characters all have their own unique movements, ways of attacking, jumping and more straight from their respective 8-bit games. However, to do to defeat enemies, all the player must do is to jump on them. Getting mushrooms, star power or other power-ups in the game will give the player different shooting power-ups or other effects, depending on which character they are playing as.

Whichever player the character chooses, the basis of the game is the same: to get to the end of the level while defeating enemies and collecting as many coins and points as possible.

The Flood Inception Part One

At number eight, it is The Flood Inception Part One. This game entails a person tied in position by ropes on their arms and legs. The other bad part about this is that there is a flood water rising.

The player is able to select from different tools to cut the ropes to free their friend before it’s too late. People may select the tools by using their mouse to click on their selections. This is a fun game that challenges players to race the time limit of the flooding water.


Number seven is OGame. In OGame, players begin on a planet and must plan a way of taking over the universe and defeating everyone else. In order to do this, players will have to find and gather resource materials, learn about new research technologies and be able to build economic trade.

The other main goal is to create a military complete with armies to defeat the player’s opponents. People may also play together and join forces in their quest for defeating everyone else and taking over the universe.

Players get to choose from a variety of characters like ninjas, knights, undead, and witches. Also, characters have bright and colorful animations along with a variety of moves. Players have an HP meter that measures their health points and their magic so they can easily keep track of the action.

Bubble Tanks 2

Number six is Bubble Tanks 2. In Bubble Tanks 2, players get to control a small bubble tank with basic abilities. The player may simply move and shoot; however by destroying different enemies, players are awarded upgrades to their tank such as a faster rate of fire, different firing methods, as well as a larger tank.

The goal of the game is for players to move from bubblefield to bubblefield destroying other tanks to become the largest and most powerful bubble tank there is. The player may use the keys on the keyboard to move and may use their mouse to point and fire. As players fire at opponents, the opponents will lose bubble pieces until they’ve been defeated. The player may then collect the bubble pieces to upgrade their bubble tank statistics.

Sherwood Dungeon

At number five, it’s Sherwood Dungeon; in Sherwood Dungeon, players are able to play an RPG quest that involves the character going throughout the various levels of the Sherwood Dungeon. This dungeon consists of different enemies, bosses, items and equipment.

As the player descends throughout the levels of the dungeon, they will encounter different monsters, bosses, and be given the chance to upgrade their equipment. There are also many different themed islands, quests to explore, and the option of playing alongside friends in co-operative play.

This game can be played online without registering. Although, it’s beneficial for one to register an account because it’s free; also it allows the player to save their character, items, equipment and other statistics.

Atomic Puzzle

Atomic Puzzle is a fun molecule puzzle game that allows players to match pairs and the odd-one-out. This allows for molecule strings to become shorter until they’ve all been paired. When starting the game, people may select which puzzle they would like to start and begin clicking on specific molecules to form pairs. When all the successful pairs have been made, the player will then be allowed to advance to the next stage.

When playing a level, the player is timed for how long it takes them to complete the puzzle for their own personal information. When the person finishes one puzzle, they may either retry the same puzzle for a better time limit score or they may advance to the next molecule puzzle.

Splinter Cell Online

Number three is a version of Splinter Cell online. The synopsis of the game is that the player is out with his friends and his girlfriend has given him an 11PM curfew time to be home by. Not realizing the time, the 11PM curfew has come and gone so the player must use his stealth skills to make his way back into his home without waking his girlfriend up.

In the game, players may control the action by way of point-and-click. The space bar is also used to present various options such as selecting a weapon, picking a lock or answering choices. There is also a health bar on the screen that will decrease if the player takes damage. This is a fun online variant of Splinter Cell that players can have a good time playing.

Paradise Paintball

Paradise Paintball infuses the Counterstrike PC game engine with a multiplayer FPS paintball match. If the person is playing in campaign mode, there will be targets that will appear throughout the level. The goal of game is to shoot the targets as quickly as the player is able to before they disappear. Alternatively, when players are waiting for others to join an online game, they will also be allowed to shoot at appearing targets.

However, the most fun part of this game is playing it online with others. There are many different characters one can choose from as well as paintball guns and equipment. Also, there are many different environments that players will be able to traverse. Players may set up different types of matches including teams, battle modes and one-against-many.

Quantum Legacy

As for the number one online game, it’s Quantum Legacy. Quantum Legacy is a unique type of real time strategy game in which players are able to control space fighter ships to battle their opponents. The unique thing about Quantum Legacy is that the actions that players take when they’re fighting opponents, and winning or losing battles directly influences the past and future state of things.

Players are able to battle it out in death-matches online as well as play solo player games. There are many different modifications that can also be done to the player’s space ship throughout the game. The player’s space ship is capable of firing an array of projectiles depending on what the person has equipped at the time.



The Internet may have dozens of websites where you can play a game for free, but why would you go to any of them when Mochi Media exists? It’s a great place to play games, join the community for fun discussions about games and other topics, and if you want to promote your own game they offer a variety of affordable services for marketing.

What about the games, you ask? They’re awesome! You have sixteen categories to choose from via the quick search drop-down menu, and a search bar you can type selections into in order to find past favorites or to look for something new. From thrilling and fast-paced action games to rhythm games that get you tapping your feet, there’s something here for everyone.

With such a wide range of games to choose from, here are two I decided to give a try that you may like try for yourself as well.

The first is a new take on classic side-scrolling action. Check out Fear Less, a collaboration between three talented individuals (Greg Lane, Anna Oliver, and Tony McCoy.) The basic plot of the game is you play a young girl who has the same chilling nightmare every night: fleeing from Death through a dark and disturbing wood. The controls are simple: Z to jump and X to use your sword. You start the game with only a heart and a half of health to keep you from Death’s chilly grasp and swinging scythe.
As the young girl runs she must jump over various obstacles such as rabbits and mushrooms and slash monsters like foxes. Whenever she trips on a mushroom she loses a portion of her hearts and comes closer to death, and the same occurs if she fails to act with her sword. While your early play-throughs may seem daunting, fear not! There are coins to collect throughout the stage that you can use to purchase upgrades. You can add additional hearts, jump higher, and recover health faster if you take damage.
Fear Less isn’t just fun, it’s also got great style. The graphics are original and eye-catching and the music is a good mix of dread and hope that encapsulate the premise of the game perfectly. For anyone who loves a good side-scrolling action and original game play, Fear Less is the game you want to play. Last note on this: hit the “Credits” option in game to check out the personal websites of the collaborators. They are well worth a look!

If you’re a fan of Angry Birds and similar games, you can’t do better than Max Damage 3, developed by Irregular Games studio. Set in a warehouse of various wonderful and expensive items, our friend Max has a cannon! Where did he get the cannon? Don’t ask. Instead, enjoy the physics-based puzzler gameplay. Not only are you trying to shoot the items found in the warehouse, but you are also trying to cause the maximum amount of monetary damage to those items. It’s creative destruction!
As the game progresses, not only do the puzzles become harder, but the game introduces several different types of projectiles that are launched from the cannon. The classic bowling bowl gives way to a bouncy orange ball that can be banked off of walls and slanted objects and into things such as classic paintings and LCD screens. The game play is fun and if you like solving puzzles then you will enjoy Max Damage 3.

As you can see, Mochi Games offers a huge variety of games for whatever style of games you enjoy. The two games I played and reviewed above are just a tiny fraction of the selection you enjoy when you visit Mochi Games. The only thing I could not cover in this review as I am not a game developer is the services they offer for developers. However, from what I’ve seen of the services offered, the community page, and the high-quality design, I think you’d be well served in that way as well. Mochi Games will feature your game and bring you a potential world-wide audience of millions. Check them out, and definitely stop by and play the games!



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For those of us who spend a lot of time on the Internet, Flash games are a dime a dozen. These games range from simple DIY creations that were put together in a matter of hours to surprisingly sophisticated affairs that can be as engaging and addictive as anything on your XBox 360 or Playstation 3. Naturally, there is no shortage of websites that offer collections of these games. Some of these sites are better than others, but for the most part they are designed with a specific theme in mind. Some sites specialize in role-playing and adventure games, some focus on old-school platforming games and others focus on shooting games. Some of these sites are kid-friendly, while others offer more adult-oriented fare with lots of graphic violence and sexual themes. Some are even meant to make a political statement. The point is that there is a wide variety of Flash games out there, and the best websites will give players lots of options when it comes to gaming. As far as Flash game sites go, doesn’t look like anything special at first glance, but its simple layout, refreshing lack of ads and huge library of games make it one of the best free Flash gaming sites on the web.

The best part of is clearly the huge library of games available to players. Many of these games have been culled from other sites, so if you’re the type who likes to play a lot of simple free Flash games, chances are that you’ve played at least some of these games before. That sounds like it could be a bad thing, but there’s a lot to be said about having a go-to website where all your favorite games can be found.

Naturally, all the games on are sorted into categories for easy browsing. Some of these categories are what you would expect from a gaming site such as “Adventure,” “Arcade,” “Action” and “Beat ‘Em Up.” Others are a little more out there. For example, there’s a category simply called “Blood” that has some of the most graphically violent games on the site. Another is called “Al Qaeda.” There are only four games currently in that category, all of which apparently have references to Al Qaeda (make of that what you will). In any case, there is a staggering number of categories here, so you’re sure to find at least a few games that suit your tastes.

As for the games themselves, they can be hit or miss. With this many games, there are bound to be a few that many gamers won’t like. That’s besides the point, however. What one gamer writes off as complete garbage might easily dominate another player’s afternoon. The important thing is that there are plenty of games to keep just about anybody busy for a good long while. This reviewer obviously wasn’t able to play all the games on, but the handful of games that were played worked very well. They all loaded fairly quickly and were easily playable. There are options to resize the game window, fairly detailed instructions on how to play and the ability to post comments. Nothing groundbreaking, but everything is functional and easy to use. In the end, that’s all that really matters.

Overall, is a solid Flash gaming site. It offers a no-frills presentation that’s easy to navigate and a gigantic collection of games that are all functional. If there’s anything negative that can be said about this site, it’s only that it will eat up a lot of your time if you let it. Then again, that’s high praise for a gaming site. Flash games are supposed to be fun time-wasters, and that’s exactly what delivers.



For gaming enthusiasts that are on the search for a wide array of games that they can really sink their teeth into, few companies outline the true potential of browser-based as much as This site has quickly become one of the most popular portals for players that would like options ranging from action adventure to irreverently hilarious. Here is a closer look at and some of the top choices for players that are on the hunt for some of the most popular online games. is a website that is focused on providing kids and teens with a number of games, each played directly through the website. Many of these games are based on Flash and places special emphasis on nurturing, supporting, and even producing some of the hottest Flash games that are currently available today. With new games being uploaded every single week and thousands of current titles, players will be able to find a number of games in all of their favorite genres.

Many gamers may get overwhelmed when it comes to finding a great new game with so many choices, but has broken down every single product into categories and sub-categories. This makes it exceptionally easy to skim through, beginning with What’s Hot, Multiplayer Games, and games that have been optimized for use on a smartphone or tablet PC. Players can also search through some of the most popular genres including racing, strategy, action, puzzle, and games that have been created especially for girls. Parents that would like to keep a close eye on exactly what their children and teens are playing can quickly check the rating on each game with a small bomb icon noting which games may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13.

For gamers that truly know what they are looking for, a streamlined search option allows users to search through games by tags. This is the quickest way to find options such as tower defense games, flying games, or even games based on specific celebrities. With over 10 million users every single month, is the unique position to support games that are bending genres including hundreds of indie games that will keep players entertained for hours on end.

One of the most popular choices on this website for avid gamers that are looking to use a little extra brainpower is Jewelanche. The puzzle game genre has been popular for many years and there are even a number of titles that are very similar to Jewelanche, and this means that most players will be able to pick up the basic controls and strategy of this Flash-based game in just a few moments. What sets this game apart from many alternatives is the unique physics of the game and how players can progress through the levels.

There are a number of oddly-colored and shaped jewels that pile up after falling from the top of the screen. The point of the game is to choose series of identical jewels in order to blow them up. For players that move too slowly, the screen will fill up and they will lose the level. Each level gets progressively harder with interesting power-ups and unique tactics that must be used to move forward from each impasse. While this game may only take a few moments to fully understand the rules and objectives, it will take hours to master.

Puzzle games may be extremely popular, but sometimes players want something with just a little bit more action in it. For fans of the action genre, noitcelfeR may be one of the best places to look. This game takes only a few moments to pick up as it is a side-scrolling action/adventure with a number of unique twists, including the “reflection” along the bottom half of the screen. As the levels get progressively harder, players will notice that invisible boxes begin to appear in the reflection.

The main strategy of this game is to focus on both the screen in which the character is maneuvering as well as the reflection screen. Players will need to pay close attention to both sides as there are hidden dangers around every corner. With dozens of unique levels that range from painfully simplistic to mind-boggling difficult, there is a little something for everyone in this game. As an added bonus, players can create, upload, and share their own levels with a level editor that adds a whole new dimension to the game.

These two games are only the beginning when it comes to the countless hours of entertainment that can only be found at As the worldwide leader in Flash-based games, gaming enthusiasts need to look no further for the funny, addicting, and exciting games that they have been on the search for.


yahoo games2

There are a plethora of places online where one can find a game to while away the hours. Facebook,, and others seek to bring you to their page. Yahoo! Games, however, has features that blow all contenders right out of the ring.

If you already have a Yahoo! account, you need only to venture over to while signed into your account. If you have yet to create a Yahoo! account, they are free, and you can register for one at

But what to play when you get the games section? The selection may seem staggering at first, but the website is keenly laid out for easy navigation. At the top you have a short cut bar that will lead you right to where you want to be. From arcade style, to puzzle games, to multiplayer classics like Texas Hold ‘Em, there’s a game here for you!

It’s not just games that you find on Yahoo!’s game page. At the top of the page you also have alerts tuned to you. It also displays any e-mails you may have received (and probably have with as many hours as you’re going to spend on this site) so that you don’t miss anything important while you’re enjoying yourself.

For the enthusiast who wants news along with games, Yahoo! runs a blog featuring photos, videos, articles, and video game news. Check in to catch up on the latest news and then click back over to the games to enjoy yourself.

You didn’t click on this article to read about that though, did you? You want a run down of the best and most exciting games Yahoo! Games has to offer.

In the arcade section, I can’t help but recommend Pixel Purge. A new take on an old and engaging concept, Pixel Purge is for the retor gamer who misses the days of Galaga and Space Invader. Written by The Village Blacksmith games, Pixel Purge puts you in the pilot’s seat of a ship defending your home world from alien invaders. You then take the helm and fight the invaders, aiming with the mouse and firing by clicking. You move via the arrow keys on your keyboard. Sound familiar? Well, it’s not. You have the ability to freely roam the playing field, fire in any direction, and as you destroy enemy ships you earn points you can spend on abilities that increase damage, allow projectiles to pierce enemy ships, and boost your point-generation. For the action gamer, or the retro-minded player, this is hard to beat.

Of course, if you want something more sedate, the multiplayer phenomenon of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is here in full force. Play with hundreds of other players from the globe over in exciting poker action. The best part is your poker face is always perfect!

If you just want something to engage and entertain your mind, check out the thriving Puzzle section. There you can find favorites like Sudoku, Mahjongg, and Bejeweled. I’ve literally spent hours enjoying these games, and for anyone who enjoys the challenge of puzzle games, these and hundreds of others are just a click away.

With hundreds of selections and all of your favorite games, you may think it would be quite difficult to find one you enjoyed. Not so! Simply scroll down past the suggested games and you will find the games laid out in alphabetical order, separated by whichever genre you currently have pulled up. (For instance, if you are under Puzzles, the links will lead you to the Puzzles in alphabetical order)

From the integration with your Yahoo! account, to gaming news and information, to a huge variety of games to choose from, it’s an easy call to say that you can get everything you need from an online experience at Yahoo! and their excellent Yahoo! games page.




Game House is a video game website, but it’s also much more than that: it’s peace of mind, it’s ease of use, and most of all, it’s great fun. Many websites offer you a venue to play video games, but none of them offer the suite of features that make Game House an excellent place to spend your time. It’s easy to use, and best of all, it’s like having a few thousand games in your house, but instead of being bogged down under a ton of paper and covers and the other mess that comes with a physical copy of a game. Instead, everything is nice and modern and completely digital.

How does it work?
It’s dead simple. You go to their homepage and click on the “Create Account” link in the upper right hand of the web page, right under the big friendly “Welcome!” sign. The new account page just wants an email address and a password. Wow! It doesn’t get easier than that, and it doesn’t cost a penny. Now you have access to their gigantic library of games! Now, some of the games do cost money, but that’s easy, too. You can do one of two things. You can enter your credit card information and download individual games which are then added to your account, or, you can purchase a Fun Pass. The Fun Pass unlocks all the games on the website! Incredible! What’s more, you can try out the service for two weeks absolutely free. If you don’t want the service (which you will) you can cancel hassle free without paying a dime.

Why is it so convenient?
All of your games are in the same place. You don’t have to worry about where to store them, where you left them, sorting through discs, finding manuals, installing, and so on. Instead, you just go on your account and download the game you want, right to your computer. Some of them can even be played right there in your web browser, which saves you space on your hard drive. What’s more, it saves you physical space in your home since all of the games are available on the web site.

Gee, that sounds awesome, but are there any good games?
Yes! That’s another thing that’s so awesome about Game House. You have access to 2,300+ games. If you can’t find a game you don’t want to play and will fall in love with, you’re not trying. For simplicity and ease of use, the games are separated into four major groups: PC Games, Mac Games, Online Games, and Mobile Games. PC, Mac, and Online games are separated into a huge variety of genres, from Action to Word games. Mobile games are separated by platform: iPhone, iPad, and Android. From there, you can go on the hunt for your favorite games in your favorite genres. You can also make use of the search bar to find something specific. Finally, if you don’t feel like doing any digging, you can check out with other people are playing and what’s new as well.

What games would you play?
Honestly, I love them all. I’m a gamer at heart, and access to this site is like letting a mouse loose in a cheese factory. However, forced to choose amongst my favorite children, here are the games I tried out, and you should give a chance yourself.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
For all those business moguls out there, it doesn’t get much better than the Roller Coaster Tycoon series. I chose to try out 2 because I own the first and third ones. It’s excellent! The download went without a hitch and soon I was managing my own little theme park. The nice thing is, I never would have tried the second game in the series without Game House, so this was an excellent chance to try some games I’d missed in the past. That said, Roller Coaster Tycoon is a great series for everyone. You can play in two different modes: sandbox and challenge. In sandbox mode you select a park you want to build in and just go to town. You lay out the park and its attractions such as carousels, slides, bumper cars, and the titular roller coasters. You can set the prices and other parameters to attract as many guests as possible. In challenge mode, you take the reigns of a failing park, empty land, or another scenario and try to build the best park possible within a time limit.

Word Games
From Scrabble to crosswords to anything in between, there’s a word game for everone!

Classic Arcade Games
I honestly couldn’t get enough of classic Pac-Man. If you’ve never tried it, give it a whirl!

Conclusion: offers a huge library of games with a suite of features that just can’t be beaten – anywhere.


pogo offers an awesome, free gaming experience for anyone looking to spend a few moments enjoying themselves; or even a few hours. It’s quite likely, as a matter of fact, because the selection of great games at Pogo is enormous. Not only do they offer a wide variety of games, many of them old-time favorites like Monopoly, but they also offer you the ability to make a custom avatar and the chance to win prizes. When was the last time you got to play a game that was free and also afforded the chance to win something? You got that right, probably never.

How to set up an account:
It’s easy as can be. Just look at the top right of the screen and click on the “Register” link. It will take you to a page where you choose your name, enter some basic info, and your email address. Once your account is made, you can sign into your account to design your mini! A mini is a full-body avatar of your player that you create from scratch. You customize the mini in any way you like to really personalize your experience. Now that you’re set up with your mini and account, you’re ready to play!

What Games to Try?
What’s awesome about Pogo is they have access to a number of great classics. The aforementioned Monopoly, Risk, Boggle, Yahtzee, and other great family board games. You might be wondering why you would want to play these online when you’ve got them at home, but the reasons are numerous. First, you don’t have to do any unpacking or clean up! All the pieces are digital, making for a fun and care-free experience. The other great advantage is the multiplayer aspects of playing online. You can find someone to play your favorite games with you anytime, anywhere. No more arguing with friends over which game to play. You can always find someone to play with you!

What if I don’t want to play a classic?
Then you’re still in luck, as there are hundreds of games to try out on Pogo’s website. They have fourteen different genres of games for selection, from Puzzle games, Word games, to Strategy, Hidden Object, Card, and Arcade games. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, and for all age groups. Though, if you’re in need of some recommendations, definitely give some of the following games a try:

Zuma’s Revenge
The thrilling sequel to the original Zuma, Zuma’s Revenge is an exciting new take on matching games. Colored balls follow a track en route to a deadly Skull. You are a frog in the center of the action, with the ability to fire colored balls into the oncoming stream. When you match three balls of the same color, they are destroyed, similar to many matching games. However, Zuma’s Revenge isn’t just any matching game. Since the colored balls are moving along a track towards inevitable doom, there’s an element of suspense and foreboding. You’re racing against the clock, and that adds a lot to a genre that could be considered dry. Not only are you racing, you also have to be accurate with the balls that your frog shoots. If you get the timing wrong, the ball you’ve fired might go into the wrong place, and that advances the track even faster! With dozens of levels, clever design, and awesome sound effects, Zuma’s Revenge is the perfect game for anyone with a fast hand and love of matching games.

Plants vs. Zombies
Yes, the incredible tower-defense style game is here, for free, at Pogo! If you’re not familiar with the best-selling Plants vs. Zombies, this is a great opportunity to try one of the modern classics free of charge. When you begin the game, you have the opportunity to play Adventure, Survival, and Puzzle mode.
The central theme of the game is right there in the title. You choose plots for your plants, which then aid you in defending your home from swarms of odious, odorous, and hilarious zombies. The game starts you off slowly with a single track of grass on which to plant your flowers and defend from zombies, and gradually increases the difficulty and stakes. Soon you’re defending five lanes of zombie traffic, frantically clicking on Suns (to collect energy for plants) and laying down defenses against the oncoming horde. While you might expect the game to get boring after a bit, there’s a huge amount of variation. Between the three games modes, eleven plants, and seven zombie variations, there’s a lot of game to love.

That’s it! has proven to be a popular hub for free online gaming. The chance to win prizes, chat with other players from around the world, and to spend a few minutes enjoying an old classic make it a great site to spend some time!