hey guys welcome i welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be a home video I’m going to do a shoe and purse Hong think up some things because it is summer season it’s time to revamp your ball things like you’re not have to see who you gonna do some shopping the season you don’t for spring you go for summer even though the weather is Highness similar you know but whatever it’s ok because it speaks used to shop today I’m going to be showing you guys some shoes that I have used up recently from the website urbanog calm

now i’m going to be showing you guys a handbag i picked up from 6pm com ( see more 6pm coupon ) I get a shoe in first haul a few of us enjoyed when  I first came back on my channel it act like one of my most popular videos on my channel signing chuckles walking because clearly you guys like them you nothing is more fun for me and so all videos just sitting down and just being girly talking about girl stuff and I mean really what’s more girly than first in hit some income I’m going to go ahead and start with the shoes that I picked up I picked up a pair of just face sandals from urbanog local strap black

sand am is a little tiny guilt is you’re basically flat and it’s by the brand bonnibel excite the test out and she’s a clean black black shoe but this is really quick she’s worked it out when acting words of my dress and it is great from maxi dresses or computer pretty quick shore it’s been you’re wearing like something from genius when it go wasn’t shoes so I just like this is

simple sandals I’m going on every outfit I’ll let have flat nude sandals white sandals that allow gonna going everything oh yes fucking black I mean why not next you I’m guys by the brand cubed and I got a peachy color field because now I confirm so in pop of color in my shoes fuck turn out just like we may be simple I’m just saying it to go on a pop and feel and you’re good to go

I got this like looking to you lace-ups animal in the Hills a little bit smaller than what i’m going to show that’s next the fistula a state lace-ups and also mixed up in front is it will decree but each color for the beach a little bit beyond exact adult people it’s a very like brightly so if you got your fans sorry guys not here that’s how the fam none of these lights because a little bit hot see me sort of me get your really cute the district are also a little bit modeled or space even like Rafa de monterrey go a little bit kind of want to go for a little bit more sexy look at this issue in our sexy enough

but yeah so that’s correct we look toxic at the same style shoot with this one here’s I wow that sure I got head like these snakes in France tank on to want to show you guys that was peach this was a little bit more sexy and a little bit more my type of programs like these bright like neon corpus a little bit more like a daytime branch cutter field this gives me like I’ll go to the bar it’s not my freakum dress and these turns out a little bit long for highlights because you can wrap it a little bit for around your legs this one is a little bit more uncomfortable than

the cupid why were these a little bit yesterday and a little bit more comfortable but I mean Beauty Spain we all know that right okay this next show is also about the brand keep it is like a circle cut out field I have a pretty nice decent size and how it look come on the biggest fan issue only successful like I forgot five guys in my castle pretty big nothing about this you well but it just doesn’t go to show a little bit of extra room I don’t know I’m gonna kind of trying to work with you to see what i can do compact a return stuff too so much

did you take so long in a 500 events / it’s the one time I decide to carefully matched your company I have experienced some kind of start from it but I was hurting these words and a mass how about throwing rocks and also meghna the last brand is made Olivia and i’m not sure what this bottom name is sofia cursive so i’m not really sure it’s really pretty like I thought this gated because it doesn’t little hobby of mine k details to the different like crisscross

what it’s like a cage scale and also has a lace-up and you got to tell a super into the whole lace up trend I just realized you that late I don’t know why I just do I mean we want them now I should have the extrinsic wrap it around your leg it’s just so sexy to me so I got this one here called black color because you can never go wrong with all that cheese but are we said they kind of work with everything I got this feel it’s a super small affair leader yeah I haven’t back to where the issue just I’m not sure about the cop comfortable they are but i don’t really like the design this one does fit really well not like to why my mother should put so I like this one is really cute miss is probably my second favorite you from this hall but yeah we’re looking for as well different design and i like it i said

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i’m gonna go ahead and get super stuffy starts up from 6pm com let me say this here is the most flash website i ever shopped i literally get an active next day and I judge a man to caps with that check on risque the shipping with this company is crazy like I literally got in this package on Memorial Day a holiday my active Kingz this company doesn’t play around so on my palette man over my subs one day and I literally get it the next day free shipping so I’m just very impressed with companies that I love shopping with them because who doesn’t

want to get their packages next day so if you are looking at watching in her shoes need a bad meat outfit it is believed to be like soon tries to see a calm give my at least two days but not will I get my next day but sometimes our latest tonight I do get a dark night the deck name with the phone with gay so any look for the heads up to the person that picked up this first one is from the brand rampage dipstick wise and black like tiny little structured bag you know how about that’s that I have for super

huge that would stuff something that were a little bit tiny a little bit more confidence because when I’m wearing today I’m not going to really carry on mom I want to talk about first like this like super like spooky but I’m not going to create this bad like that so tiny I think Felix Leo people carry I mean guys like this it’s just not my preference so it does come with a very long like it did strike so i can just wear across i buy you up and wear it on a shorter bag so we’re so super cute this back was