A Review of www.addictinggames.com the Free Online Games Website


For gaming enthusiasts that are on the search for a wide array of games that they can really sink their teeth into, few companies outline the true potential of browser-based as much as AddictingGames.com. This site has quickly become one of the most popular portals for players that would like options ranging from action adventure to irreverently hilarious. Here is a closer look at AddictingGames.com and some of the top choices for players that are on the hunt for some of the most popular online games.

AddictingGames.com is a website that is focused on providing kids and teens with a number of games, each played directly through the website. Many of these games are based on Flash and AddictingGames.com places special emphasis on nurturing, supporting, and even producing some of the hottest Flash games that are currently available today. With new games being uploaded every single week and thousands of current titles, players will be able to find a number of games in all of their favorite genres.

Many gamers may get overwhelmed when it comes to finding a great new game with so many choices, but AddictingGames.com has broken down every single product into categories and sub-categories. This makes it exceptionally easy to skim through, beginning with What’s Hot, Multiplayer Games, and games that have been optimized for use on a smartphone or tablet PC. Players can also search through some of the most popular genres including racing, strategy, action, puzzle, and games that have been created especially for girls. Parents that would like to keep a close eye on exactly what their children and teens are playing can quickly check the rating on each game with a small bomb icon noting which games may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13.

For gamers that truly know what they are looking for, a streamlined search option allows users to search through games by tags. This is the quickest way to find options such as tower defense games, flying games, or even games based on specific celebrities. With over 10 million users every single month, AddictingGames.com is the unique position to support games that are bending genres including hundreds of indie games that will keep players entertained for hours on end.

One of the most popular choices on this website for avid gamers that are looking to use a little extra brainpower is Jewelanche. The puzzle game genre has been popular for many years and there are even a number of titles that are very similar to Jewelanche, and this means that most players will be able to pick up the basic controls and strategy of this Flash-based game in just a few moments. What sets this game apart from many alternatives is the unique physics of the game and how players can progress through the levels.

There are a number of oddly-colored and shaped jewels that pile up after falling from the top of the screen. The point of the game is to choose series of identical jewels in order to blow them up. For players that move too slowly, the screen will fill up and they will lose the level. Each level gets progressively harder with interesting power-ups and unique tactics that must be used to move forward from each impasse. While this game may only take a few moments to fully understand the rules and objectives, it will take hours to master.

Puzzle games may be extremely popular, but sometimes players want something with just a little bit more action in it. For fans of the action genre, noitcelfeR may be one of the best places to look. This game takes only a few moments to pick up as it is a side-scrolling action/adventure with a number of unique twists, including the “reflection” along the bottom half of the screen. As the levels get progressively harder, players will notice that invisible boxes begin to appear in the reflection.

The main strategy of this game is to focus on both the screen in which the character is maneuvering as well as the reflection screen. Players will need to pay close attention to both sides as there are hidden dangers around every corner. With dozens of unique levels that range from painfully simplistic to mind-boggling difficult, there is a little something for everyone in this game. As an added bonus, players can create, upload, and share their own levels with a level editor that adds a whole new dimension to the game.

These two games are only the beginning when it comes to the countless hours of entertainment that can only be found at AddictingGames.com. As the worldwide leader in Flash-based games, gaming enthusiasts need to look no further for the funny, addicting, and exciting games that they have been on the search for.