Good Times to be had at Yahoo! Games

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There are a plethora of places online where one can find a game to while away the hours. Facebook,, and others seek to bring you to their page. Yahoo! Games, however, has features that blow all contenders right out of the ring.

If you already have a Yahoo! account, you need only to venture over to while signed into your account. If you have yet to create a Yahoo! account, they are free, and you can register for one at

But what to play when you get the games section? The selection may seem staggering at first, but the website is keenly laid out for easy navigation. At the top you have a short cut bar that will lead you right to where you want to be. From arcade style, to puzzle games, to multiplayer classics like Texas Hold ‘Em, there’s a game here for you!

It’s not just games that you find on Yahoo!’s game page. At the top of the page you also have alerts tuned to you. It also displays any e-mails you may have received (and probably have with as many hours as you’re going to spend on this site) so that you don’t miss anything important while you’re enjoying yourself.

For the enthusiast who wants news along with games, Yahoo! runs a blog featuring photos, videos, articles, and video game news. Check in to catch up on the latest news and then click back over to the games to enjoy yourself.

You didn’t click on this article to read about that though, did you? You want a run down of the best and most exciting games Yahoo! Games has to offer.

In the arcade section, I can’t help but recommend Pixel Purge. A new take on an old and engaging concept, Pixel Purge is for the retor gamer who misses the days of Galaga and Space Invader. Written by The Village Blacksmith games, Pixel Purge puts you in the pilot’s seat of a ship defending your home world from alien invaders. You then take the helm and fight the invaders, aiming with the mouse and firing by clicking. You move via the arrow keys on your keyboard. Sound familiar? Well, it’s not. You have the ability to freely roam the playing field, fire in any direction, and as you destroy enemy ships you earn points you can spend on abilities that increase damage, allow projectiles to pierce enemy ships, and boost your point-generation. For the action gamer, or the retro-minded player, this is hard to beat.

Of course, if you want something more sedate, the multiplayer phenomenon of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is here in full force. Play with hundreds of other players from the globe over in exciting poker action. The best part is your poker face is always perfect!

If you just want something to engage and entertain your mind, check out the thriving Puzzle section. There you can find favorites like Sudoku, Mahjongg, and Bejeweled. I’ve literally spent hours enjoying these games, and for anyone who enjoys the challenge of puzzle games, these and hundreds of others are just a click away.

With hundreds of selections and all of your favorite games, you may think it would be quite difficult to find one you enjoyed. Not so! Simply scroll down past the suggested games and you will find the games laid out in alphabetical order, separated by whichever genre you currently have pulled up. (For instance, if you are under Puzzles, the links will lead you to the Puzzles in alphabetical order)

From the integration with your Yahoo! account, to gaming news and information, to a huge variety of games to choose from, it’s an easy call to say that you can get everything you need from an online experience at Yahoo! and their excellent Yahoo! games page.