Mochi Media Game Hub


The Internet may have dozens of websites where you can play a game for free, but why would you go to any of them when Mochi Media exists? It’s a great place to play games, join the community for fun discussions about games and other topics, and if you want to promote your own game they offer a variety of affordable services for marketing.

What about the games, you ask? They’re awesome! You have sixteen categories to choose from via the quick search drop-down menu, and a search bar you can type selections into in order to find past favorites or to look for something new. From thrilling and fast-paced action games to rhythm games that get you tapping your feet, there’s something here for everyone.

With such a wide range of games to choose from, here are two I decided to give a try that you may like try for yourself as well.

The first is a new take on classic side-scrolling action. Check out Fear Less, a collaboration between three talented individuals (Greg Lane, Anna Oliver, and Tony McCoy.) The basic plot of the game is you play a young girl who has the same chilling nightmare every night: fleeing from Death through a dark and disturbing wood. The controls are simple: Z to jump and X to use your sword. You start the game with only a heart and a half of health to keep you from Death’s chilly grasp and swinging scythe.
As the young girl runs she must jump over various obstacles such as rabbits and mushrooms and slash monsters like foxes. Whenever she trips on a mushroom she loses a portion of her hearts and comes closer to death, and the same occurs if she fails to act with her sword. While your early play-throughs may seem daunting, fear not! There are coins to collect throughout the stage that you can use to purchase upgrades. You can add additional hearts, jump higher, and recover health faster if you take damage.
Fear Less isn’t just fun, it’s also got great style. The graphics are original and eye-catching and the music is a good mix of dread and hope that encapsulate the premise of the game perfectly. For anyone who loves a good side-scrolling action and original game play, Fear Less is the game you want to play. Last note on this: hit the “Credits” option in game to check out the personal websites of the collaborators. They are well worth a look!

If you’re a fan of Angry Birds and similar games, you can’t do better than Max Damage 3, developed by Irregular Games studio. Set in a warehouse of various wonderful and expensive items, our friend Max has a cannon! Where did he get the cannon? Don’t ask. Instead, enjoy the physics-based puzzler gameplay. Not only are you trying to shoot the items found in the warehouse, but you are also trying to cause the maximum amount of monetary damage to those items. It’s creative destruction!
As the game progresses, not only do the puzzles become harder, but the game introduces several different types of projectiles that are launched from the cannon. The classic bowling bowl gives way to a bouncy orange ball that can be banked off of walls and slanted objects and into things such as classic paintings and LCD screens. The game play is fun and if you like solving puzzles then you will enjoy Max Damage 3.

As you can see, Mochi Games offers a huge variety of games for whatever style of games you enjoy. The two games I played and reviewed above are just a tiny fraction of the selection you enjoy when you visit Mochi Games. The only thing I could not cover in this review as I am not a game developer is the services they offer for developers. However, from what I’ve seen of the services offered, the community page, and the high-quality design, I think you’d be well served in that way as well. Mochi Games will feature your game and bring you a potential world-wide audience of millions. Check them out, and definitely stop by and play the games!