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hello my friends thanks for stopping by I hope you all having a great day today I’m going to do a really quick video for you many of you always ask me would you do a clothing haul would you do a spring summer fall and I’ve explained that I’m not really a big shopper that way

and when I do buy things it’s one or two pieces here or you know I’ll just add something but for the most part I don’t really shop for the seasons and go buy a new wardrobe I just not I’m just not into that kind of shopping I’ve mentioned I love skincare and makeup I can do that and healthy foods I love to buy healthy foods anyway I got my email the other day Norseman’s is having their 40% off so I thought what I would do and I actually got this idea from Marni I thought I would show you what I’m getting before the sale is over in case some of you would really like to get a few pieces now I’m mainly in buying some tops this time because I when I do shop I noticed that I loved by talks more than bottoms I wonder what could be the size anyway I thought I would go ahead and show you in a picture

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I’ll do a side-by-side or it will just take over the screen but I thought that I would show you a couple of the things I’m getting I’m not getting a lot but I am getting a few things and I’ll let you know what colors I’m getting them in and some of them when I get them may not work for me so they may go back so but I did want to show you the first one is going to be from Not Your Daughters Jeans and it’s the Sara striped sweater and it comes in regular and petite sizes and the color that I’m getting is the one that I’m showing it is macaroon optic white I think this will just look really nice with is a cat very casual cool night sweater we still have some cool nights here and I will probably wear this mostly with jeans is now until June 4th that’s why I’m here on a Sunday alright so the next one you all know that I love the Nichkhun Zoe line this here I love these sweaters they’re a tank and the sweater matches and they can Chris cost if you like that them -

I have them in absolutely every single color they come in that looks good on me and I also have them this is the summer version it’s very lightweight I have them in a Midway and the winter version so I love sweater sets I know very old lady of me anyway this comes in regular petite and plus sizes and the one that I’m getting is this is the tank top I need this tank top I already have the sweater when I bought this sweater they didn’t have the tank so this is in smoke it does come in an assortment of colors in the tank I buy the large because they do shrink in the sweater that I’m showing I buy I wear this in a medium okay so the next one is a brand I’m not familiar with that I thought the sleeve detail on this was so pretty now usually sometimes I get a little excited about things like this and I think oh I just love that and then when I get it and I put it on it’s just all wrong for a woman my age and build but I think the detail on this sleeve is so beautiful and I’m hoping that it looks good on me anyway it is from play I own ribbon ties sleeve knit top it comes in regular and petite and it comes in four colors the color I’m getting is navy and black I loved both of the colors so I’m hoping that this top looks really good on me I’ll let you know sometimes things run a little too small in the arm area and they just don’t look good on me anyway the last item I’m getting I told you I wasn’t getting many of my friends well I get them in every color when I like them it’s Eileen Fisher now I like a lot of Eileen Fisher tops I don’t like her pants elastic pants I don’t like but I do like some of her flowy tops I love the fabrics and I end up getting a lot of them because I do like fitted pants with a flowy top

I wear either or if my top is fitted my pants are going to be a little flow I do not wear tight the top and tight on the bottom it just I’ve never been comfortable that way I always either see they’re fitted on the bottom and flowy on top or I wear a flow repair pants and I wear fitted on the top I must make a choice and I do anyway this is the Eileen Fisher jersey tank they do come in regular and petite and I am getting it in sapphire black and white I just think they are very comfortable and I love that they have a little bit of flow to them the Nick and zou is a fitted more of a fitted tank all right so that is all I’m getting I’m not getting anything else I did look around at some shoes but I don’t really need any of them and the things that were 40% off none of them really appealed to me what some of them did but I didn’t need them I looked at some Kendra’s got jewelry because I do like some of her long chains and none of the things

I liked were on sale so I’m just purchasing the 40% off right now so let me know if you have a list going and let me know if you’ll be picking up any of these of course I will link and list everything below for you so that you can go right to the website and pick it up or just see what they look like that’s it for now thanks for stopping by don’t forget subscribe we’re anti-aging here be happy healthy beautiful and most of all my friends love able I love you all Jesus

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