Top 10 best free online games you should play today.

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The gaming industry may make billions of dollars every single year, but this does not mean that avid players need to fork over large amounts of cash to enjoy some of the best games in the world. The internet now provides players of all types with games ranging from massive multiplayer games to exciting puzzles and team games. For those that would like to take their gaming to the next level, here is a closer look at 10 of the best free online games that everyone should try out today.

1. Super Mario Brothers Crossover
The original series of Mario Brothers forever changed the world of gaming when released with the Nintendo gaming system. Not only have these games continue to set records for sales with almost every release, they have also defined gamers for over 20 years. With this new adaptation, both younger and older fans will be able to once again join in this fanciful world, but this time it is with a twist. While players can choose Mario or Luigi to play with, they can also choose from a number of other iconic video game characters including Samus, Mega Man, and Link. As an added bonus, each character carries their iconic weapons and their own theme songs will play in the background throughout each Super Mario level.

2. FreeCiv
Civilization I and II were some of the most popular strategy games to have ever been released and changed the popular genre forever. As an alternative to these paid games, players can now opt for FreeCiv, a free online strategy game with a large following. With this game, players will develop their own civilization including the military, religion, finances, crops, and much more. There are a number of AI difficulties to choose from and the hardest settings will keep even the most avid gamers on their toes. There is also room for replayability by choosing new starting civilizations and locations to make the game more challenging as time goes on. What the game lacks in graphics, it makes up for in complexity and difficulty that will keep players coming back time and time again.

3. Monster Den
For RPG fans, Monster Den remains one of the most popular online games and it has absolutely no download or subscription costs. Much like the paid alternatives, users create a party of up to four players with various classes. Each class comes with their own unique abilities and stats making the game enjoyable to play time and time again. In addition to customized stats to start the game, users can also explore a number of skill trees as they progress through dungeons. For those that enjoy orchestrated quests, this game offers single player and multiplayer options to earn new items, develop skills, and immerse themselves in a unique world. As an added bonus, this game requires exceptionally low specifications to run, and this means that players can enjoy it on almost all desktops, laptops, and tablet PCs.

4. The Eternal City
While the MUD genre of games has been on a slow decline in recent years, few games have the depth and complexity of The Eternal City. As a script-based game, players create a completely customizable character in a unique world based off of ancient Rome. While there are minor elements of fantasy, players can carry out the day-to-day lives in any way that they would like. This game offers a number of guilds and organizations to join and players can watch as the skills and life of their characters progress in a roleplay mandatory game. What truly sets The Eternal City Apart from all other MUD RPGs is the intricate skill system for both combat and non-combat maneuvers. Players have a nearly unlimited option of how to develop their character from the moment that they log onto the game with skilltrees including weapons, shields, healing, locksmithing, thieving, tailoring, and much more.

5. Continuity
Advanced graphics and in-depth plot development does not always result in a better game, and Continuity is a testament to that notion. This flash game is extremely simplistic and takes only moments to understand the controls and the objectives of the game. Players maneuver a small red dot through a series of mazes and puzzles in an adaptive environment. Most game enthusiasts would classify this game as part puzzle and part side-scroller, but it offers much more to players of all ages. With exciting music that changes with each new challenge, users will often find themselves enjoying this game for hours on end.

6. Portal: Flash Version
Portal was a revolutionary console game that added a number of exciting new elements that had never been seen before. Players maneuvered their character through various levels with a unique contraption that would create portals through walls, the floor, local objects, and even the ceiling. These portals are used to maneuver throughout the game as an action-adventure puzzle. The flash version of this game is nearly identical to the console game in terms of objectives and the portal-creating machinery. The only change is the move from a 3D world to a 2D world, but most fans will still enjoy the complexity of the game engine.

7. Paradise Paintball
First-person shooters have always been one of the most popular genres since the inception of video games, but they can also be exceptionally graphic and violent. Paradise Paintball offers a fun alternative to the gore of many of these FPSs in a fast-paced paintball tournament. Thousands of players login to this game every single day to battle one another through buildings, in jungles, along beaches, and in a number of other unique settings. There are also options for customizing the paintball guns and the character’s gear. This game is extremely competitive while still remaining appropriate for gamers of almost every age.

8. OGame
For players that are looking for a long-term strategy game, few options are as well-produced and complex as OGame. This is another text-based game, but it also comes with a beautiful interface and a number of exciting pictures that add to the excitement and depth of the fictional universe. Every player begins with their own planet on which they must create a civilization. After harvesting resources, researching technology, and promoting growth within their own planet, players can then become competitive against people from around the world. This includes factions and armies that can band with one another to wage war, promote peace, or trade with one another.

9. Auditorium
Very few games haves the ability to completely defy genres, but Auditorium remains one of the most unique online games of its age. At its core, this game is a puzzle in which the player attempts to direct waves of various colors through boxes. While this is in no way unique, the music, colors, and manner in which the user has control over the game is completely original. As players move through various boxes and fill them with particles, components of the music will change and adapt. The more boxes that are filled, the more comprehensive the music becomes in order to make the game as in-depth as possible.

10. Desktop TD Pro
From the studios of Casual Collective, this game is exceptionally easy to play, but could require years to master. The setting of the game is the top of a desk including paperwork, money, and other office supplies. A small barrier has been created with one more exits that “creeps” will attempt to make their way to. The player can lay any number of traps and attack towers to stop this breach and each kill adds points to the player’s roster. Points can then be used to create more towers or upgrade existing towers. The enemies will also increase in skill with their own unique abilities, movement speed, and more. Another key feature of this flash game is the ability to enjoy Desktop TD Pro on any device that is compatible with Flash.