Top 10 best free online games you should play.


There are many different online games that people can play in their spare time for some fun. I’m going to write about ten online games of various genres that are fun for everyone to play. These game choices are my own opinions, but I have considered games of various genres that many different types of gamers would enjoy. Without further ado, here is the number ten online game of the top ten list.


RuneScape is an MMO strategy adventure game in which players are able to join forces together in quests and other feats. Players get to choose what character class they would like to play as when starting the game. Players enter the world of Gielinor which is an ever-evolving and growing world full of cities, various races and clans.

There are different areas of the world such as forests, deserts and fields, snow terrains, dungeons and more. Throughout these different areas, players will encounter a variety of enemies and characters as well as other items, spells and more.

There are also many different skills that the player can build up like agility, strength, combat skills and more. A variety of personalities are also capable of being dawned by players. Each personality is dependent on how the player plays in the game.

Many other aspects of this game include merchant stores where players can buy items, weapons, upgrade weapons, buy spells and much more. Many different world events are accessible to the player depending on their specific gameplay goals when playing RuneScape.

Super Mario Brothers Crossover

Coming in at number nine is Super Mario Brothers Crossover. This game is a unique online game that merges characters from 8-bit NES classics into one Super Mario Bros Game. The game has Samus from Metroid, Link from Legend of Zelda, MegaMan, Bill R. from Contra and Simon from Castlevania. Many other characters are also available as well. The game allows players to choose from one of these characters to play through the game levels.

The characters all have their own unique movements, ways of attacking, jumping and more straight from their respective 8-bit games. However, to do to defeat enemies, all the player must do is to jump on them. Getting mushrooms, star power or other power-ups in the game will give the player different shooting power-ups or other effects, depending on which character they are playing as.

Whichever player the character chooses, the basis of the game is the same: to get to the end of the level while defeating enemies and collecting as many coins and points as possible.

The Flood Inception Part One

At number eight, it is The Flood Inception Part One. This game entails a person tied in position by ropes on their arms and legs. The other bad part about this is that there is a flood water rising.

The player is able to select from different tools to cut the ropes to free their friend before it’s too late. People may select the tools by using their mouse to click on their selections. This is a fun game that challenges players to race the time limit of the flooding water.


Number seven is OGame. In OGame, players begin on a planet and must plan a way of taking over the universe and defeating everyone else. In order to do this, players will have to find and gather resource materials, learn about new research technologies and be able to build economic trade.

The other main goal is to create a military complete with armies to defeat the player’s opponents. People may also play together and join forces in their quest for defeating everyone else and taking over the universe.

Players get to choose from a variety of characters like ninjas, knights, undead, and witches. Also, characters have bright and colorful animations along with a variety of moves. Players have an HP meter that measures their health points and their magic so they can easily keep track of the action.

Bubble Tanks 2

Number six is Bubble Tanks 2. In Bubble Tanks 2, players get to control a small bubble tank with basic abilities. The player may simply move and shoot; however by destroying different enemies, players are awarded upgrades to their tank such as a faster rate of fire, different firing methods, as well as a larger tank.

The goal of the game is for players to move from bubblefield to bubblefield destroying other tanks to become the largest and most powerful bubble tank there is. The player may use the keys on the keyboard to move and may use their mouse to point and fire. As players fire at opponents, the opponents will lose bubble pieces until they’ve been defeated. The player may then collect the bubble pieces to upgrade their bubble tank statistics.

Sherwood Dungeon

At number five, it’s Sherwood Dungeon; in Sherwood Dungeon, players are able to play an RPG quest that involves the character going throughout the various levels of the Sherwood Dungeon. This dungeon consists of different enemies, bosses, items and equipment.

As the player descends throughout the levels of the dungeon, they will encounter different monsters, bosses, and be given the chance to upgrade their equipment. There are also many different themed islands, quests to explore, and the option of playing alongside friends in co-operative play.

This game can be played online without registering. Although, it’s beneficial for one to register an account because it’s free; also it allows the player to save their character, items, equipment and other statistics.

Atomic Puzzle

Atomic Puzzle is a fun molecule puzzle game that allows players to match pairs and the odd-one-out. This allows for molecule strings to become shorter until they’ve all been paired. When starting the game, people may select which puzzle they would like to start and begin clicking on specific molecules to form pairs. When all the successful pairs have been made, the player will then be allowed to advance to the next stage.

When playing a level, the player is timed for how long it takes them to complete the puzzle for their own personal information. When the person finishes one puzzle, they may either retry the same puzzle for a better time limit score or they may advance to the next molecule puzzle.

Splinter Cell Online

Number three is a version of Splinter Cell online. The synopsis of the game is that the player is out with his friends and his girlfriend has given him an 11PM curfew time to be home by. Not realizing the time, the 11PM curfew has come and gone so the player must use his stealth skills to make his way back into his home without waking his girlfriend up.

In the game, players may control the action by way of point-and-click. The space bar is also used to present various options such as selecting a weapon, picking a lock or answering choices. There is also a health bar on the screen that will decrease if the player takes damage. This is a fun online variant of Splinter Cell that players can have a good time playing.

Paradise Paintball

Paradise Paintball infuses the Counterstrike PC game engine with a multiplayer FPS paintball match. If the person is playing in campaign mode, there will be targets that will appear throughout the level. The goal of game is to shoot the targets as quickly as the player is able to before they disappear. Alternatively, when players are waiting for others to join an online game, they will also be allowed to shoot at appearing targets.

However, the most fun part of this game is playing it online with others. There are many different characters one can choose from as well as paintball guns and equipment. Also, there are many different environments that players will be able to traverse. Players may set up different types of matches including teams, battle modes and one-against-many.

Quantum Legacy

As for the number one online game, it’s Quantum Legacy. Quantum Legacy is a unique type of real time strategy game in which players are able to control space fighter ships to battle their opponents. The unique thing about Quantum Legacy is that the actions that players take when they’re fighting opponents, and winning or losing battles directly influences the past and future state of things.

Players are able to battle it out in death-matches online as well as play solo player games. There are many different modifications that can also be done to the player’s space ship throughout the game. The player’s space ship is capable of firing an array of projectiles depending on what the person has equipped at the time.