what is up guys so for today’s video I thought it would be kind of fun to do a summer shoe collection over the past few weeks I have picked up a ton of summer shoes because like everywhere I keep going I’m like it is so cute and those are so cute and I can’t talk somebody help me but I am super excited to show you guys my finds so let’s get started okay so try to figure out so I should start with heels first or last okay so the first pair of shoes which I have been wearing like crazy I’m only had them like a week are these black slides from forever 21

I feel like slides has kind of taken over as a summer shoe game and for good reason because they were really easy to put on and they just look fashionable and cute next up I have another pair of sandals but I actually got in the same order so these are also from forever 21 and there’s these really beautiful laser-cut white sandals that wrap around your leg and these are just super summery and they look really good with basically any outfit I actually wore them tonight with making long skirt and a shirt if you guys follow me on Instagram I usually posting my outfit on my Instagram Tori’s alright so see on the slide game I picked up these kind of knockoff Birkenstock type sandals and these were only like $15 thermistor calls are den which is like a Canadian something in Canadian like Wet Seal like that type of things are just like really cheap clothes and then you can adjust the buckle in there to make a bit tighter on your foot but these are honestly so comfy

I did also buy a pair of these in black I actually bought these for a video DIY for like a free people DIY I’m going to be doing because oh the prices here is just plain which it is so these were so they were 1750 but it was a buy one get one half price so got to alright so since I have literally zero self-control I bought another pair of slides because why not and these ones I have been eyeing all over Instagram as like you know notice no talking about its these fluffy slides if you guys are probably see and I like both of them somewhere on Pinterest I don’t know but they are really popular right now and I’m sure people have like a big experience them but these are so comfy but also if you go to a video where I like style slides that would be kind of fun so let me know but I just really like these and I caved I was like so I’m not going to buy them because I already have so many current sandals but you know what sometimes you just gotta give it alright something last pair of a flat shoes that I’m going to show you guys is this pair from Aldo that’s made to look like they’re from Zara so this is actually in one of my DIY videos where get discount

I did start living hacks and so I stuck some pearls on top of them but the nice thing about these is they are a bit of a fancier sandals especially now with my new addition alright so moving on to the super send shoes which is the heeled which I don’t know where I’m going to wear I need you to but that’s fine so the first shoe is this really strappy new heel with a beautiful backing on it I feel like these do designer shoes but the back goal just looks very fancy and then it crosses all the way up the leg but I am really excited to release this summer i shouldn’ta find somewhere to wear them to so if anyone wants to invite me to a fancy event Oh that’d be alright so next I have these black lace-up suede shoes and I have been wanting shoes a desk for so incredibly long but like everywhere I love to it always be so expensive so this is what they look like on the leg and let’s make about them as well is you can tie them higher up to give us that kind of gladiator shoe set a look or you can tie them lower down which just like also looks really trendy too so I was really excited to finally get these in the mail alright so for more everyday height appeal

I also got these gold ones as well and these are about half the size of the other ones so they are easier to walk in definitely and they are this beautiful metallic gold color and it’s ion-pairing these besides neutral color dresses but with the Stendhal as well you can also tied up the leg higher or tie it lower to give it two different looks so it is a really versatile shoe or it’s a last thing we have a very classic pair of shoes and it’s just these heels these are also from forever 21 I actually got these I think like the last year or something like that and they just make your legs look really long and a new pair of heels is always a staple I feel like any girls should have in their wardrobe a pair of black heels and a pair of new heel but the only delicacies they are really difficult to walk in and after a while they hurt your feet like no other our guys so those are all my shoes I’m going to show you I hope you enjoyed watching it and got some a shoe inspiration for maybe some pairs that you guys wanna buy

I definitely will leave the links all down below if you guys want purchase any of these shoes I’m really happy with like my current summer collection and I through day and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye


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